Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

The Casey Anthony murder trial has been filled with more lies than Swiss cheese has holes as well as unexpected dangerous twists and turns which make Lombard Street in San Francisco look like a cake walk. As the trial winds down and closing arguments conclude, the most outrageous (and potentially horrendous) allegation recently hitting the Internet which is being taken seriously is the rumor that Casey Anthony may indeed be pregnant with suppositions falling on her defense attorney, Jose Baez, as the father!

It’s not as if this case does not already present with enough evidence to make any rational person want to vomit over the absurdness of her innocence. The defense has wished for viewers to entertain belief in unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse by her father, George Anthony, and her brother, Lee Anthony, with reference to the reason she is facing capital murder charges, the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. In addition, we must now fathom the possibility this pitiful excuse for motherhood may be pregnant with yet another child.

After reading through several reports, including ones published at The Overton Report and Yahoo! News, speculating whether or not Casey Anthony is indeed pregnant and the reasons why her attorney, Jose Baez, may actually be the only one who could have fathered the child, I found myself sickened by the thought if she is found “not guilty” or “guilty of manslaughter” she will, at some point, be released from prison with full capability to maintain custody of any child she might be carrying!

According to the rumors, Casey Anthony revealed to an Orange County jail inmate she has missed her period for what has now been a more than a month after claiming she was “always on time.” The rumor was leaked about ten days ago by an anonymous jailer who wished to remain unnamed due to his position.

Several speculations have arisen related to the rumor that it may be to gain sympathy from the jury who will not give the death penalty to a pregnant woman or simply just another elaborate desire for attention. Having learned about the ability to lie at a professional level, I venture to ascertain this is just another fabrication.

As I ponder the truth of the rumor, I think about how Caylee Anthony must have been scared senseless when her mother put duct tape over her mouth and nose; how her little eyes must have become as huge as saucers struggling for that last breathe while attempting to scream “Mommy!” as any frightened child would do. I imagine how another child would “cramp her lifestyle” and possibly face the same unspeakable fate as Caylee. These thoughts make me furious!

I do not condone ANYTHING which Casey Anthony has used as excuses for whatever her state of mind might have been which caused her to “snap” and take the life of an innocent, beautiful little girl who she should have protected with her own life.

While others may be able to have some sense of compassion for her, I do not because of one simple fact…if you do not want a child or feel you cannot handle the responsibility, there are always other options far more humane than the taking of a blameless defenseless life. For this reason, I believe she should be given the death penalty after being found guilty as there has been nothing presented in this case which would even begin to cast a shadow of doubt on her guilt!

The defense has handled this case with the utmost miscarriage of justice. The prosecution has tried to pull together a case which the police department tanked by failing to follow-up on the reports made by the meter reader, Roy Kronk, who eventually investigated the swamp area and discovered Caylee’s body. If the police department had done their job, they would have been able to recover a little girl’s body which would have revealed the implicit cause of death and it most certainly would not have been from drowning…more like the suffocation which in reality occurred.

As we await the final rebuttal by the prosecution and the decision of the jury, one can only hope the rumors of Casey Anthony pregnant are just more elaborate lies by Casey from her delusional and attention-seeking mind while praying the jury walks back into the courtroom with a guilty verdict requesting the death penalty as some measure of justice for Caylee Anthony.


Anonymous said...

I can only believe the jury sold out for the money they believe they'll find in the rainbow of T.V. Interviews and Book offers, which I suspect will indeed happen immediately. Sad but true. Good eye Dennis.

Sweattshop said...

I saw the closing argument. The state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. As the District Attorney said, "...it was a dry bones case."

Too late for provable forensics.

Oakley Sunglasses said...

This is the most bizarre and heartbreaking story and trial! I haven’t kept up with it much, but found the link in your post interesting – thanks. When will the whole trial wrap up?

Sweattshop said...

Oakley, the sentencing ended on Thursday.



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