Right Wing Media

The internet is rife with claims of victimization from the left and the right. The now cliche phrase 'Liberal Media' is bandied about as though it were a monolithic creature set to devour wrong minded world views. Those views not goose step with media moguls like the not so affable Rush (Arrested in a long-running prescription fraud case) Limbaugh.

This underdog mentality is common from Republicans
and their voting demographic lapdogs who idle away their braincells watching Fox News for Obama scandals and begging for a morsel of hate from multiple sources of other right wing media.

Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party, From Eisenhower to the Tea Party (Studies in Postwar American Political Development)

The next time a republican claims liberal bias or that the Liberal Media Machine has Americans in their clutches, show them this list of 55 right wing media outlets that pollute the the eyes and the ears of of good American voters for their own agenda.
  1. FOX News, print and Radio 
  2. Wall Street Journal 
  3. New York Post 
  4. Breitbart.com 
  5. Newsmax.com
  6. WorldNetDaily.com 
  7. The Nationalist Movement 
  8. Alex Jones' Info Wars 
  9. Conservative HQ 
  10. Sirius radio "Patriot" 
  11. Conservative American News 
  12. Conservative Daily News 
  13. Judicial Watch 
  14. The Source Daily 
  15. Republican National Committee 
  16. American Spectato
  17. Reason Magazine
  18. Freedom Rings Radio  
  19. Family Research Council 
  20. Conservative Underground 
  21. The Hugh Hewitt Show 
  22. The Confederacy Project 
  23. Little Green Footballs 
  24. NationalReview.com 
  25. TownHall.com 
  26. RedState.com 
  27. The Cato Institute 
  28. Washington Times
  29. The American Conservative 
  30. Rightwingnews.com 
  31. The Mark Levin Show 
  32. The Neal Boortz Radio Show 
  33. Ann Coulter 
  34. Matt Drudge 
  35. George Will 
  36. Bill O'Reilly 
  37. Michelle Malkin 
  38. John Stossel  
  39. Laura Ingraham 
  40. Sarah Palin 
  41. Peggy Noonan 
  42. Sean Hannity 
  43. Michael Savage 
  44. Glenn Beck 
  45. Chuck Norris 
  46. Mark Levin 
  47. Clint Eastwood 
  48. Kevin Sorbo  
  49. G. Gordon Liddy 
  50. Rush Limbaugh 
  51. American Renaissance Magazine 
  52. The John Birch Society 
  53. Knights of the Ku Klux Klan 
  54. Westboro Baptist Church 
  55. White Aryan Resistance

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