Thursday, November 10, 2016

Something About President-elect Trump Doesn't Pass The Smell Test

Hillary won the popular vote by 336,429
Because politicians and the media were so adamant about the election process being valid to a democracy, after Trump's constant claims of rigging (unless he won), no one is looking hard enough at voting fraud.

Here's a list of thirteen reasons to question Trump's legitimacy as president of the United States.

  1. Trump was a 'birther', as racist and hateful as one can get to President Obama.
  2. Trump wants to rewrite libel laws so he can sue reporters. anti-First amendment.
  3. Trump is pro-torture. 
  4. Trump said he would bomb entire families during wartime, children too.
  5. The Kremlin admitted to being in constant contact with the Trump team throughout the election.
  6. Trump claimed repeatedly that election was rigged while using a communist dictatorship to rig the election.
  7. Russia admitted to hacking and influencing the election.
  8. Trump sued Nevada because a polling place had stayed open after the 8 O'clock deadline.
  9. Trump is a known manipulator of finance, willing to cheat his own vendors and the federal govt. out of money. 
  10. Rudy Giuliani used his influence at the FBI to involve a US police forcing agency to influence the election.
  11. Voting machines have been reported to have flipped across the nation, forcing voters to use paper ballots. Were those electronic votes still counted?
  12. Claims by the right that Bernie voters and Dems must have voted for Trump, to explain county-wide voting numbers.
  13. Hillary won the popular vote by 336,429, not counting independents.

This is not me being a sore loser.
This is a checklist for a fascist coup.
Something doesn't pass the smell test.

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