Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gun Control Nut Or Gun Safety Advocate

Orlando Shooting massacre

When you terrorize a people, do they not take action, even overreact? Didn't 9/11 teach us that? Orange alerts, invasion of a country that had zero ties to Osama Bin Laden. Yet the the country was united in focusing their rage onto a perceived eastern enemy. Following a mob mentality allowed George Bush to send out his war sales team onto the airwaves, spewing one unfounded exaggeration after another.

"Why take this debate, or as it should be perceived a 'discussion' as a threat of disarmament?"

Both sides are overreacting to this, don't join the mob.

Right now even republican representatives are feeling real pressure from their own constituency in reaction to the Sandy Hook Massacre and the Orlando Shooting massacre.

To quote Senator Trey Gowdy: "There's a very small percentage of our fellow citizens who are criminally inclined."

Then why do you need a closet full of high powered rifles? Why hasn't strengthening those been laws one of his priorities? Why is the death of 49 people the only reason you finally come out and say this. Obviously letting terrorists have semi-auto rifles, that can be turned into full auto by watching a video on the internet, is wrong. Why not simply propose a bill for just that one cause, for the safety of our citizens? The NRA is a powerful lobby. The harder the right wing sells the story of constant 'terror' in the US, the more guns are sold. More guns, more gun deaths.

Right now I do not believe that the gun is responsible for the death of those children. But how do you answer those inconsolable mothers and fathers with solutions for justice? 

What solutions do you have to save 20 toddlers from being blown to pieces?

Can you picture yourself as the 20th five or six year old in that class room, can you imagine what it was like to watch 19 of your classmates die helplessly? Now put yourself in front of that 20th child and tell him or her that we did nothing. We stood by and waited for another event of unimaginable horror. Is stopping the sale of 30-100 magazines of ammunition going to stop a person from being insane? No. Will it slow their ability to murder en masse. Maybe. And for me maybe is a start but for the gun nuts who believe in conspiracy and in a government bent on controlling and enslaving the population, this message is mute.

Did seat belt laws stop vehicle deaths? No, it prevented more from occurring.

Will we as a nation do nothing so gun owners can have bigger toys?

How many weapons can you load and hold, while defending your home? You only have two hands.

Where will this homeland proliferation stop? When gun control reaches your bazooka, or fragment grenade will you cry foul!; government takeover?!

As for Chicago, guns are everywhere, just like the NRA wanted it. Welcome to a shooters paradise, that blood is on you.

When you have to arm every citizen to feel safe in the Untied States of America, the grand experiment has failed. Your founding fathers wasted all their efforts and sacrifices to create a land of the free

That's when you know the difference between a Gun Control Nut Or Gun Safety Advocate.


Tom said...

A serious, non-emotional question here.

Would the proposed screening to prevent mentally ill people from having access to guns have prevented such access in Sandy Hook? Colorado? Other recent places of mass murder?

Actually, take that one step further, would ANY of the proposed regulations for gun safety have prevented any of those recent events?


Tom said...

Serious question, no emotions here one way or the other.

Would any of the proposed gun safety regulations (mental conditions, criminal records, others) have prevented the recent mass murderers from having access to guns in general? The weapons they chose to commit their murders?



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