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Rethinking McCain vs. Obama

Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem
Date: Sep 11, 2008

Another thing that struck me favorably about Barack Obama was an interview he gave in May to conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks. "I have enormous sympathy for the foreign policy of George H.W. Bush," Obama said. "I don't have a lot of complaints about the handling of Desert Storm." Neither do I; it was the finest performance, the wisest and most courageous, by an American president in my lifetime.

H.W. wasn't afraid to use force, but he also knew the limits of force - something very, very few Republicans or Democrats know. For Obama to single out the elder [Bush]'s foreign policy and war leadership for praise is a very encouraging sign.

FURTHER ON the subject of minds, I think Obama's is clearly the superior one.

It's not just that he no doubt has the higher IQ, it's that his decision-making process is more deliberative than [John McCain]'s, he weighs the pros and cons more thoroughly, he's more curious and open-minded. McCain goes more from the gut, and with his Cold War instincts and right-wing support, that worries me some.

So I'm left undecided.

Until recently, my heart was with Obama but my mind was with McCain; now my heart is still with Obama but my mind is divided. I'd say the odds are a little better than even, say 55-45, that by Election Day, I'll have gone over to Obama. But it's still early, and this is such an exciting election; anything could happen.

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