Saturday, January 17, 2009

The American Form of Government

What You Should Know About Politics...But Don't: A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues


dabard said...

I would like to add that the section on anarchy is quite inaccurate, unless you are applying the ideas of the "galvanizing of the proletariat" in a Marxist sense, but that happens WITH governing oversight. Whoever made this video needs to research in depth the history of anarchy and how it contributed to the modern American view of government, so as to provide a more appropriate view of how a republic is more direct than democracy. Whereas democracy is closer to oligarchy in its ability to hold sway over the governed through the manufacture of consent, a republic requires the consent of the governed in order to enact law.
It is this key misunderstanding that invalidates the later points and perhaps the whole of the video.

Anonymous said...

This video is a well-crafted propaganda piece spread by the right-wing and sprinkled with just enough truth to confuse the uneducated. Nobody should fall for it. It's an effort to revise history and claim that fascism and totalitarianism are a 'left-wing' phenomenon, and we have nothing to fear from the Right. Dittoheads who follow Rush are further brainwashed to defend the super-rich and the corporate-run Repug state. Limbaugh gets $1.5 million a year off Bush tax cuts, he's motivated. Go to and take the test. See more how this video lies. Everyone needs more education, we have a nation of easily-swayed dolts.




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