Monday, August 18, 2014

Mocking Robin Williams Death Westboro Church to picket funeral

The Westboro Church Baptist Church of fools posted to Twitter that their group plans to picket the funeral of Robin Williams. Does it need to be said out loud that this ain't what Jesus would do? How could it not be screamingly obvious even to lower life forms, like the aforementioned Westboro Church of fools, that this kind of action is the opposite of the Christianity proposed in the Bible; by Jesus?

I have been an Atheist for more than a year and I am still more aware of the true message in the Bible than The Westboro Church of Mongers.

The Church of Fools has become insatiable for fame and imagined glory. Latching on like a snarling dog at any parents loss or any famous death to gain more spotlight time in the media. Westboro lives for their own ego. If Moses were alive today he would shove those tablets right up their collective asses.

Perhaps Westboro is unaware of the pity and loathing their own god is foisting upon them at this very moment.
From "Our emotions (such as hate), like our minds and bodies, are influenced greatly by the fall of man into sin. As such, they are tainted by our sin natures. (Romans 8:9-11)"

Or perhaps the almighty chuckles to himself at the thought of being so small minded, so human, as to be bound to a simple childish emotion such as hate? Maybe god laughs because he, or she, knows Robin Williams has had the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

Baptists...what they know ...what they do isn't just about living ... its about how you live it ... what you bring and what you take ... what he did ... and what they do ...who was he ...what he is to me ,what he brought , what he did is ... his smile... )))
rest in peace ,Robbin Williams

Lance-T Dussal said...

and to them ... peace and let other people rest...
i'd say



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